Relationship Management Simplified

How does it work?
Socialibrium's tools automatically consolidate the communication channels you already use into a single platform, and then depicts the relationship health based on frequency of contact in a color-coded dashboard. These channels include phone calls, emails, SMS, and calendar entries. Facebook and LinkedIn messages will follow shortly. Relationships can be categorized into groups by importance or type and then customized to reflect different frequencies and channels of communication.

You can also drill down into each contact to see all your communication across multiple channels in one place.

What platforms are supported?

Socialibrium is available for professionals, consumers, and enterprise customers using Blackberries or iPhones. It exists as a native application downloaded to your smartphone, so all communication and contact details remain safe and secure on your device. A browser-based desktop version is under development to integrate with IP-enabled desk or home telephones.

Which version is right for you?

Scale is Socialibrium's Blackberry client for professionals (or  really busy individuals!). It is a "native" application, which means all data resides on your device. Get it here or click the button at left for more information.

Socialibrium's prototype application is available for jail-broken iPhones running firmware 2.0 through 2.2. It can be found on Cydia, or by contacting us here.

Socialibrium's Blackberry version, Scale, is available as a white-label application that can be customized to your company’s specific needs.  Please contact us directly at for further information.