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Scale is Socialibrium’s relationship management tool tailored to the professional user (or the really busy individual!).

Scale automatically reflects the health of your professional and personal relationship based on frequency of contact while at the same time gives you a single place to find all your communication history with your most important contacts.  Scale integrates your calls, emails, SMS, and meetings all on one platform!

So how is it different from traditional CRM solutions?
  • Scale is simple and requires no additional inputs, call logging, or work.  It automatically turns the data produced from daily interactions into management information from which action can be taken.
  • Scale combines multiple communication channels into a single platform, allowing you to target customers in the most effective approach.
  • Scale not only highlights what you are doing, but more importantly, identifies what you should be doing.
  • Scale allows you to continue using the email account, address books, and phone number you use today.
  • With Scale, your data is always safe as it resides on your device, not in a third party “cloud”.

 Scale is available on either a monthly or annual subscription basis.  Click here to learn more, or:

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