Getting Started

Welcome to Socialibrium!

The below guide provides high level instruction for configuring Socialibrium after initial download.  Once initially configured, all parameters, groups, and preferences can be changed from the “Settings” menu – a shortcut to this is provided in the navigation “tray” of each screen.


Configuring Socialibrium involves three steps – creating groups; assigning communication preferences for those groups; and adding contacts to these groups.

Once set-up, Socialibrium will automatically track your communication with these assigned contacts*.  As the elapsed time since your last communication with each contact approaches the period you’ve defined, that contact’s reminder will turn amber.  Once the elapsed time has exceeded it, it will turn red.

Each contact will return to green (i.e. healthy) either when you have taken the necessary action (e.g. called them) or when you have chosen to ignore the reminder, which will reset the reminder period.  Now to get started…..

You will need to download Socialibrium from its Cydia repository.  It is currently hosted on

To add this source to Cydia, go to “Manage”, “Sources”, “Edit”, and then “Add”.  You can then download and install Socialibrium.

Once Socialibrium has been launched, you must first define the name of a group.  You will need to follow each step in order per group and repeat based on the number of groups you’d like.  Don’t worry, it only takes a minute or two each!

* A note on Privacy – all communication tracked by Socialibrium is stored locally on your phone.  There is no communication back to Socialibrium, and we have no access to that data. 

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